January 13, 2001

Well, folks, it took me a while to get it html-ized, but a new issue of Poopsheet is finally online. Not only that, but it's got a brand-spankin' new site design, courtesy of Mr. Eric Hess! Please drop by, check it out and let me know what you think. In the future, Poopsheet will have two homes. This announcement is something of an advance notice and the new issue can currently be found at, but will also be available soon at the Mars Import site: So as soon as it goes up at Mars Import, you may enjoy it at either site. It'll always be at both, but Mars Import is the official home.

In this newest issue, you'll find information on roughly 200 independent projects. I'm currently working on Poopsheet 22 and will have it finished and online as soon as possible.

Poopsheet, by the way, is an infozine designed for the purpose of spreading information about zines, comix, films, music and other independent-minded projects. Please put me on your press lists (if possible, e-mail is the preferred method for press releases) and I'll be happy to help spread the word about your projects.

happy reading,

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