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Comics Newsarama 'Announces' the Painfully Obvious, I Mean Jeez, His First Column Is Already Posted At the Site, Isn't It..?

Contact: Michael Doran

CYBERSPACE, NJ, February 6th, 2001 -'s Comics Newsarama® (, the only comics website you can bring home to Mom™, is proud (mostly) to announce the acquisition (at bargain basement prices!) of humorist Patrick Keller, who will be bringing his Fightin' Words column to Newsarama®™ every Tuesday afternoon, or at least until they're slapped with their first legal injunction.

Keller began the comic book-humor column Fightin' Words more than 10 years ago (in dog years) at the first incarnation of, where he doubled as the model for the popular 'Psycogirl' logo. Following the abrupt demise of that site, the column moved to The Comic Reader as a part of their launch of a new magazine and 'net venture…which then collapsed. But almost at that instant, though not really, 2.0 launched, with luminaries like Kevin "Mallrats" Smith, J. "Michael" Straczynski and Dwayne "Watch This Space" McDuffie… which folded like cheap lawn furniture after just four months.

During this dotcom dance, however, Keller became a regular contributor to the comics activism 'zine Savant, which, despite Keller's best efforts, is still going strong.

"I was a little bit nervous about my reputation, what with Savant still around," Keller admits, "but as soon as Newsarama's Michael Doran asked me to join, replaced their CEO and laid off 20% of their staff. It's nice to know there are some things in life you can rely on."

Keller adds that he's also looking forward to working alongside news pimps Matt Brady and Doran, "that guy who hates Charlie Rose", and the famed "Rex Reed and Joanna Langfield of comic book critics", Ron and Dandy MacLanderson.

Keller also looks forward to the nurses letting him use sharp implements again.

"I've read thousands of press releases as part of my duties as site newsboy," commented Doran, on adding Keller to their internet dog and pony show, "and this is invariably the part where the publisher says something like, 'We're really excited to have (fill in the blank) join us here at (fill in the blank). He brings with (him/her) a (fill in the adjective) quality we were looking for that's sure to create some (fill in the noun) here at (repeat first blank)'

"So with that said…

"We're really excited to have Patrick Keller join us here at Comics Newsarama©®™. He brings a humorous quality we were looking for that's sure to create some excitement here at Newsarama."

Keller added, "I'm really excited that Newsarama is really excited to have me join them at their site. I hope that I can bring that humorous quality that's sure to create some excitement here at Newsarama."

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