Femme Noir, a new, free, weekly web-exclusive comic strip, will premiere on
Wednesday, February 28, 2001. Drawn by the legendary Joe Staton and written,
lettered & colored by Christopher Mills, the full-color mystery adventure
strip makes its debut at the new Supernatural Crime Website
(, with new episodes appearing every

Supernatural Crime: Digital Comics & Pulp is the brainchild of former Tekno
Comix/Big Entertainment editor Christopher Mills, whose other comics credits
include scripting Leonard Nimoyís Primortals, writing & editing the black &
white horror series Shadow House, co-scripting a recent issue of Big Bang
Comics, editing the short lived crime fiction magazine NOIR, and four years
as Editorial Director for a now-defunct indie comics publisher. The
Supernatural Crime website will feature several free weekly online comic
strips written by Mills, exclusive prose "pulp" fiction featuring the
Supernatural Crime characters, a message board, art galleries and B-movie
video reviews.

"Iíve never really had much interest in writing superheroes," Mills admits.
"My interests have always been more oriented towards crime stories, horror
fiction and the non-powered heroes of the pulps and Golden Age comics;
detectives, masked crimefighters and two-fisted adventurers like Sam Spade,
The Shadow and Doc Savage.

"Supernatural Crime is my attempt to revive the traditions of the Golden Age
of pop entertainment: the days of the pulp magazines, newspaper adventure
strips and B-movie thrillers. A time before political correctness and trendy
cynicism, when the goal of pop culture was simply to provide cheap, fast,
lurid entertainment for a mass audience.

"Much of what Iíve wanted to do in comics has been rejected by publishers
who seem to be fixed on the superhero genre, and have no interest in
reaching beyond the existing marketplace. The Supernatural Crime website
gives me a chance to reach a vast audience, including readers who might
never go into a comic shop, but who would enjoy detective or horror

Femme Noir, the first of the Supernatural Crime weeklies, is a hard-boiled
mystery thriller featuring a mysterious female private eye operating in the
dark city of Port Nocturne, a politically corrupt, crime-ridden community
where the smell of gunpowder hangs in the air like cheap perfume, every
black alley comes to a dead end, and justice isÖ blonde.

Femme Noir, which is scripted by Mills, is illustrated by comics industry
veteran Joe Staton, whose numerous credits include such major Marvel & DC
characters as The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, Batman, The
Huntress, Plastic Man, Scooby Doo, and many others. He illustrated the
Paradox Press graphic novel Family Man (written by Jerome Charyn) and is the
co-creator (with Nicola Cuti) of the Charlton Comics superhero E-Man and
private eye Michael Mauser.

The first Femme Noir continuity, "Cold, Dead Fingers," begins with the
execution of convicted killer "Butcher" Bronson in the electric chair.
Several weeks later, a bizarre series of murders are committed, brutal
crimes that bear all the hallmarks of the dead killer. Is "Butcher" back
from the grave and killing again? "Cold, Dead Fingers" is scheduled to run
for 24 weeks.

The second Supernatural Crime weekly series, featuring the pulp-styled
avenger known as Brother Grim, is scheduled to premiere in the Spring of
2001. It will be written by Mills and drawn by Delfin Barral.

For more information, contact:

Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills