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It's no personal issue for me. Not too incredibly long back, Cho was actively stumping for Schulz' space, pretending it was for the opportunities of ALL cartoonists, on the basis that Schulz had been around forever and the space could go to much better use. Then Schulz died, solving Cho's problem.

John, where did this happen? I remember there was a rumor that Cho was stumping for the space when Schulz announced his intention to retire. But according to Cho, this was something he was *planning* to say in his newsletter, but never did. According to him, during Mark Wheatley's fact-checking with The Comics Journal, prior to releasing the newsletter, that this 'stumping' was made public.

To quote:

HP: Some folks also seem upset about a campaign, orchestrated by you, to have Liberty Meadows replace Peanuts now that Charles Schulz is retiring. They seem to liken you to someone hovering outside a rent controlled apartment whose current occupant is packing to move out.

FC: (laughs) Okay, here's the story. I have a semi-monthly newsletter that I send out to the Internet fans who send me e-mail. On each newsletter I talk about what's going on in my comic. Before I send out each newsletter, I have Mark Wheatley and a couple of other people check the facts, and if the facts are wrong, they just delete it, or don't send it out or correct it.

My syndicate told me they were getting all this news from other sales reps, from other syndicates, that Charles Schulz was retiring and everyone in the industry was scrambling to fill Charles Schulz's slot. Every syndicate was sending out their sales force to promote their syndicate's strip. Everyone knew in the industry that Charles Schulz had repeatedly said that once he retired or died, the strip would stop. Period. The sales force director of my syndicate told me this, and everyone else--other cartoonists--said, "You've got to self promote; it's the only way you can survive in this industry."

So in my last newsletter, I said, basically, "After a fantastic 50 year run, Charles Schulz is retiring. If you like my strip, write or call your Features Editor." And I also put in a note that said "Charles Schulz is retiring and his syndicate, against his will, will reprint Peanuts," because, again, based on what the sales force director told me. So I gave this newsletter to Mark to check the facts, and it turned out it was wrong--it turned out Charles Schulz did give permission to run the reprints in the newspapers. So, Mark Wheatley took that part out.

From what I gather, Mark passed it in email to Steve Conley and Rick Veitch at Comicon.com [http://www.comicon.com] to check the facts and see if this was correct. I think Rick contacted The Comics Journal to get Charles Schulz's phone number, and [they] asked him "What's it for?" The next thing I know, I got a call from The Comics Journal saying, "Who's your source?" I didn't tell them it was my syndicate--my syndicate's sales force director. I didn't want to bring them into it. So, I told them I got it over e-mail from a couple of fans. They in not so many worlds called me a liar. My newsletter with the Charles Schulz reprint decision never went out --but then I get some news from Kim Thompson of The Comics Journal, and...

TheComicStore.com: ...by way of The Comics Journal, it kind of went out anyway.

FC: Right. The Comics Journal is the one who spread the rumor.

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