Thanks very much for supplying this link, as I admire Cho's work and wanted to see him comment on matters like the self-nomination and the "Bloom County" influence as well as the Schultz thing.

And I think he's got a point: if he as a judge should disallow consideration of his own work for an award, then shouldn't any REGULAR employee of Fantagraphics disallow consideration of Fantagraphics work in a "Best 100" list? No matter how you break down the differing duties of a judge and a critic, the aim is the same: to tout loudly the virtues of a given work or works. Kim Thompson's gone on record here as noting that very few of the nominees in the whole 100 were published by Fantagraphics (tho I for one WOULD include reprintings like Prince Valiant), and I basically respect this distinction (tho it would surely be a different matter if more of the "top 10" were from Fanta). But if nothing else I wish the comparison would give the Cho-haters some pause to reflect.

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