Gene, we agree to disagree. I think the JOURNAL Top 100 will stand the test of time as the best, most comprehensive, most perceptive summary of a century's worth of comics, and the reason this is so is because it was put together by people who have an intimate knowledge of the field as a whole, and --surprise!-- this meant some of the people actually work in the field.

We challenged other people to come up with their lists, and no one came up with a list that was anywhere near as good. So we win simply by virtue of everyone else's indolence. Ha ha.

Cho's figure as to how many "Fantagraphics-published" titles were in the Top 10 only works if you list things like POGO or FEIFFER, which is clearly stupid on the face of it. (Yes, Gary Groth and I snuck POGO up there to sell more copies of the Fantagraphics edition -- so devious!)