Kim: I agree we should agree to disagree.

Just to air my own opinion of Cho's work: yes, I've read lame jokes in LIBERTY MEADOWS. But, by Anubis' doggy-toys, since the demise of CALVIN & HOBBES how many humor strips out there DON'T have a staggering degree of lame-itude? Maybe nostalgia clouds my mind as to how funny the old strips of my youth were-- I do remember hating one called FREDDY, though-- but it's a labor even to read the so-called "humor" strips today. Even FUNKY WINKERBEAN, which used to be good for a light laugh, has turned into a dreary cry-in-your-beer melodrama. The main difference between Cho and most of these poseurs is that when Cho offers a lame joke he's at least self-mocking when he does so, sort of like Johnny Carson in his heyday.

And though I've seen him depend a bit too much on pop-culture references, every once in a while he does a brilliant one, so I'll gladly suffer through multitudinous quotes of "Star Wars" or "Dune" to get one bit like Billy of FAMILY CIRCUS saying, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE--" (OK, maybe you had to be there--)

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