Aaron, you are entitled to your opinion, but TCJ is not widely read by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not saying this in the sense I'm saying it has no worth, but it is what it is.

Those that read it have very strong opinions on it. I'm one of those people that read it, but I have no opinions on it one way or the other, I use it as an alternative "guide" to keep up on what's coming out, because despite it being a shill for it's own books and DESPITE the pervasiveness of the porn that supports it (which is not an objection, just an observation) it's a decent resource for what's being published in the indy market, so it has some value.

As far as the interviews, I like them somewhat I guess, they certainlyhave cured my insomnia.

I consider TCJ like Playboy or Perfect 10. I buy it for the pretty pictures not the articles.