I'm not sure that someone who can't keep R. Fiore and R.C. Harvey (!) straight has much business expatiating upon comics criticism, Gene.

I remember Harvey's CBG Top 100 as being pretty idiosyncratic and goofy, with a near-complete disregard for modern alternative comics and a disproportionate love for some very minor syndicated strips -- which is fine, a one-man's-opinion Top 100 should be idiosyncratic. Mine would be.

I've seen the JOURNAL's Top 100 list referred to in a few media outlets since then, and I think I remember Powell's Bookstore in Portland had it pasted up in their comics section for a while. I expect that at some point we'll tweak it and convert it into a book, which can be used for reference (and to enrage people) for decades to come.

Although ultimately, the "ha-ha, no one reads your lousy magazine so who cares?" jibes are pretty amusing coming from anyone in an industry for whom a rock-em-sock-em best-seller is 100,000 copies. Pound for pound, in the context of the general (meager) readership of comics, THE COMICS JOURNAL may be more widely read than most other magazines of arts news & criticism within their respective fields.

If sales success is your measure, you're living in a WIZARD world anyway and you're welcome to it.