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Look it works like this, the store is a conduit with the exception of my small press addiction, which I cram down everyone's throats, I'm dictated to by my customers.

I had an initial negative opinion about Liberty Meadows strictly based on Milo George's review in TCJ. As I have said in other posts, I use and trust that magazine somewhat when it comes to small press especially. I tend to dismiss their mainstream stuff, especially since their negative bias bleeds all over it in print, bit I trust their folks to be at least impartial and accurate, when it comes to what my customers are supposedly going to like or not.

I sell the shit out of Liberty Meadows, and it's one of those books that brings people into the store looking for more.

Give me a break on this already. It's the READERS who decide whether a book is popular or not, not you creators (who know how to do it right goddamit if they only had the chance why is this golden opportunity for someone good to get in getting pissed away by someone who voted for themselves in the goddamn harvey's for chrissake).

The readers say its a killer book. Ive read a few and they are pretty eye candy I could really care less about, like I'm not attached to it or even care WHY people like it, only that they do, so I make sure its available because I have many many many other things to do besides worry whether Cho draws good backgrounds.

I sell 35 Avengers and Spawn a month too, and I KNOW they are LCD, but my READERS like them and it makes them happy, so I'm kind of careful not to launch into ideas like Milo's about Liberty Meadows (or any title for that matter) to my customers.

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