Mr Cho, I have this question to ask you. Here's a quote from someone who's opinion I respect very highly over at TCJ recently, and I'd like your take on it, if you care to that is:

posted by John Roberson:
What he did to Schultz was despicable. A few days before his death, Sparky realized he'd have to take a few days off and concentrate on fighting cancer. The strip would be reruns for a while (forever, as it turned out). Frank Cho told everyone to tell their newspaper editors to throw out Peanuts and instate Liberty Meadows; according to "rumors on the internet", Sparky was actually none too pleased that his strip was being rerun. No-one else had heard these rumors. Really, the man wasn't dead, he must have thought he still had a chance; "Guess you won't be needing this space anymore" was the wrong thing to say

Is this an accurate representation of what happened?