Ok, let me ask this question: what about LM is not funny? What do you find funny?
I don't read every strip and lol. I don't care for the sexual reference jokes(which usually get edited out of the newspaper anyway, but you get them in the comic), but I think Mr. Cho does a great job with satire, especially of pop culture and other comic strips. In the latest issue, Cho does a send up of the rise and fall of instant pop stars. To me, this was funny, as our society seems so caught up with celebrities. Just look at VH1's Behind the Music. It's one of VH1's most popular shows(you're lying if you say you've never watched ONE episode). Cho did a send up of this mentality, which ended as Ralph the bear became a born again christian, being baptized by the characters of B.C. This was a send up of Johnny Hart's critianity, which shines through in B.C.
IMHO, this was funny and clever. It was definatly better than a lot of writing in the funny papers today.
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