If Cavewoman is what you consider alternative Mr.Cho, I think your horizons are awfully narrow and are unqualified to judge others work.

I disagree. I've seen most of what's out there and I can clearly judge what's good and what's bad. Most of the artsy fartsy stuff is bad.

Can you
honestly say that there is a single modern mainstream comic artist who is a superior draftsman to Jaime Hernandez, or Robert Crumb, or Charles
Burns, or Chris Ware? I'd like to see Brandon Choi or Pulido or any of those guys go head to head with these true alternatives in pure illustrative
chops, which you favor so highly.

I can name MANY. Just off the top of my head: Adam Hughes, Mark Schultz, Al Williamson, Art Adams, Travis Charest, Marc Hempel, Alex Ross, Jeff Smith, Linda Medley, John Buscema, Alan Davis, Carlos Pacheo, Serpieri, Moebius, Mike Mignola, Bill Stout, Dave Stevens, Gary Gianni, and countless others that I can't think of right now.

Frank Cho