Here's an example: I'm more impressed by a musician who's technical chops are a little rough but who writes interesting and original songs as opposed to some guy who's a technical virtuoso but just plays in a Van Halen cover band.

Technique can be great....when combined with great ideas and a willingness to take chances. That's what seperates Jimi Hendrix from your average clown in a heavy metal band.

Walt Kelly was indeed a great cartoonist, but not just because his Disney training helped him draw pretty pictures. It was Kelly's willingness to think outside the box and take audiences somewhere they hadn't been before that made Pogo special.

Dismissing everything that doesn't immediately make you comfortable as "Artsy fartsy" is a creative dead end for an artist. It's an artist's willingness to challenge themselves and expand their horizons that leads them in new directions. Even if your goal is only to entertain, growth is not to be feared.

I like the way you draw Frank, it would be nice to have a decent story to go with it.