Honestly, Frank, regardless of whether UFS was going to retire PEANUTS or run reprints, if you don't realize it was grossly tacky to engineer an e-mail promotion campaign for LIBERTY MEADOWS as soon as you learned Schulz was retiring (to battle a fatal disease!), you're so tone-deaf to matters of class and appropriateness that it's pointless to argue with you.

I'm also puzzled as to why you would lie about your source for the false news that Schulz was stopping the strip outright and then, as Buckminster points out, get pissy when the JOURNAL suggested that you were lying about it. ("How dare they suggest I was lying when I told them a lie?") And it strikes me that the reason you wanted to keep your syndicate out of it is because at that point it may have dawned on you the scale of the PR disaster that was happening, and if you'd implicated your syndicate they would probably have had no chance but to react (publicly) in dismay at your ghoulish promotional endeavor.

It's also worth noting that one of the most stalwart defenders of LIBERTY MEADOWS is THE COMICS JOURNAL's own R.C. Harvey, so don't try to play the "THE COMICS JOURNAL always picks on poor Frank Cho" card.

I think your taste in comics is ridiculously middlebrow and conservative, but everyone's entitled to his own taste. There's an element of Pat O'Neill I-say-it's-spinach querulousness in your wholesale dismissal of every single cartoonist in that particular group that suggests you haven't exactly knocked yourself out familiarizing yourself with the work (not that you should, unless you were actually going to sit on a jury or... uh, never mind), but then again, it's possible that you've dutifully plowed your way through at least one issue of every significant alternative comic of the last two years from ACME to -- er, to some comic that starts with a "Z" -- and hated every single one of 'em.

Anyway, this is a tempest in a teapot -- the ill will you've stirred up among a certain tiny sliver of comics cognoscenti is unlikely to make the slightest difference in your battle to keep LIBERTY MEADOWS in the WASHINGTON POST, and my guess is that you'll be successful. It's an awful pretty strip, it's got a lot of fans, so more power to you. Any comic strip that has a faithful and vocal readership is a good thing, whether I like that particular strip or not. OK?