"This list makes me doubt you know the artists in question or my original statement. First, Moebius and Serpieri are hardly "mainstream" artists."

Moebius did the Silver Surfer vs Galactus with Stan Lee. If that's not "mainstream" than I don't know what is. Serpieri been doing various stories for Heavy Metal and Epic Magazine at Marvel.

Williamson, John Buscema and Bill Stout are hardly "modern" and their work is not exactly setting the mainstream monthly scene on fire of late (why
not include Jack Kirby too?)".

Well, obviously you didn't read your own post. You DID put that "modern" trail blazer, Robert Crumb.

"Ignoring the couple genuine talents of Jeff Smith, Linda Medley and Mike Mignola I have to laugh at your inclusion of
such noodling stylists as Art Adams and Alan Davis, who you apparently consider superior to Jaime Hernandez AND equals to Al Williamson and

You're the one who's doing all the "equaling". Art Adams and Alan Davis are just examples of artists that I admire who I think can draw just as good or better than your Chris Ware, Xaime Hernandez, and Charles Burn. And for the record, I admire Chris Ware, Xaime Hernandez (only Xaime) and Charles Burns skills and talent.

Take an issue of EXCALIBUR or an X-MEN ANNUAL to your average community college art teacher and compare it to "The Death of
Speedy" (or The Airtight Garage for that matter) and you'll get a quick answer as to who has a greater grasp of anatomy, composition, and

Why don't you take do the same with your selection and I guarantee, my man, Moebius will win.

Frank Cho