"It's also worth noting that one of the most stalwart defenders of LIBERTY MEADOWS is THE COMICS JOURNAL's own R.C. Harvey,"

You're right, I didn't mean to lump R.C. Harvey and Ron Evry with the pseudo "writers" and "critics" at the Comics Journal. You should thank your lucky stars for R.C. Harvey and Ron Evry because they are the best thing that you guys have at that nasty little magazine.

"so don't try to
play the "THE COMICS JOURNAL always picks on poor Frank Cho" card."

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to play the "TCJ always picks on poor Frank Cho" card. I was playing "TCJ always picks on poor Frank Cho AND anyone who has a bigger circulated book than the TCJ" card.

"I think your taste in comics is ridiculously middlebrow and conservative, but everyone's entitled to his own taste. There's an element of Pat O'Neill..."

I think your taste for artsy fartsy bullshit comics and promoting them as the greatest thing since sliced bread is ridiculously moronic and sad. But like you said, everyone's entitled to his own taste. For the record, I'm all for experimenting, and pushing the boundaries. But call me old fashioned, I like comics that I can read and understand, and drawn by a person who have some rudimentary grasp of anatomy and perspective. Case in point, I really dig Bill Sienkiewicz and Jeff Jones work.

"...then again, it's possible that you've dutifully plowed your way through at least one issue of every significant alternative comic of the last two years from
ACME to -- er, to some comic that starts with a "Z" -- and hated every single one of 'em."

First I don't hate ALL of them. (You boys at TCJ love to twist words around. Poor journalism.) I hate MOST of them. I have access to most of the alternative comics (people constantly give me free comics and mini comics at conventions) and I've tried hard to read them but most (that's the key word. Not "all" but MOST) are just artsy fartsy crap that a "bored-white-middle-class-with-lot-of-free-time-and-money-for-recreational-drugs" would make.

"Anyway, this is a tempest in a teapot -- the ill will you've stirred up among a certain tiny sliver of comics cognoscenti is unlikely to make the slightest
difference in your battle to keep LIBERTY MEADOWS in the WASHINGTON POST, and my guess is that you'll be successful. It's an awful pretty
strip, it's got a lot of fans, so more power to you. Any comic strip that has a faithful and vocal readership is a good thing, whether I like that particular
strip or not. OK?"


Frank Cho