Originally posted by Frank Cho:
But call me old fashioned, I like comics that I can read and understand...

Frank, which of the "artsy fartsy" comics don't you "understand," and when you say you don't "understand" them does it mean you literally can't follow the story, or you literally get lost from one panel to the next? Conceding the formal intricacies of ACME or the narrative trickery of DAVID BORING (or for that matter the multiplicity of characters in LUBA), I guess I'm trying to imagine how one doesn't "understand," say, GHOST WORLD, or PALOOKA-VILLE, or SAFE AREA: GORAZDE, or WEASEL, or BLACK HOLE, or FRANK, or SCHIZO, or LOUIS RIEL, or "Monsieur Jean" in DRAWN & QUARTERLY.

This is an honest question, I'm not being snide. I don't understand your not understanding.

Someone else who thinks Normal Rockwell is clearly vastly superior to the talentless Picasso --who thinks, in fact, that anyone who believes otherwise is insane-- is Dave Sim, by the way.