Sorry I'm so late to the party, but I didn't know about this thread until jack hipped me to it today. Having read it, I've only a few random things to add:

jack wrote: I liked it when Milo got up and made some comment about my opinion being not worth much because I'm "co-owner of a comic book shop in Vermont"

Nice distortion of context. Do you remember this old [later deleted] chestnut?

"Hey I know, when the former editor of The Comics Journal starts talking, you KNOW you better get in line."

You should, since you wrote it to dis old Tom Spurgeon instead of actually debating the points you disagreed about with him. Hey, you did the same thing in this thread too!!! Well, I'll be doggone!! So please, spare us all the "milo sez my opinion's almost worthless because I'm just a Vermont comics shop co-owner" song & dance. It's almost worthless because of most of what you post is that message-deleting "Spurgee Snack"-type bullshit.

-- Does a feller have to be a card-carrying elitist prick to think that any comics critic who ranks BEETLE BAILEY and Kane & Finger's BATMAN nearly 50 slots higher than MAUS is Clearly Fucking Deranged and all of his critical judgments should be taken with a grain of crack?

-- Yngwie J. Malmsteen and his craft-obsessed content-free ilk mostly played harmonic minor scales at Mach Four and only used pentatonic scales to crank out blues cliches to be all "soulful" and shit, usually during the inevitable live Hendrix cover tune. I still know a few such technique-heads, and they're just as bitter about [and completely baffled by] the success of bands like REM and Nivana as the "Inking Uber Alles" guys seem to be about cartoonists like Tom Hart and James Kochalka.

-- No Steve "bastard son of Andrew Loomis" Rude on anyone's "freelancers who draw better than that ACME ROCKETS guy" list? What, is NEXUS too "artsy-fartsy" for you elitist dicks?

-- the Journal's messboard must be destroyed.

-- milo george, überführer du jour

............... why are the winds and the waves so restless?

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