Milo, you are so far off the mark here, I deleted those two posts in that thread (besides the out of context snippet you are referring to) for reasons that have nothing to do with Spurgeon, or you for that matter.

If you want to argue with someone, however I would suggest Frank Cho would be a good target for your rhetoric. He has started posting around here, and it seems you and he would have more in common than you and I, after all I'm just co-owner of a Vermont comic book store, why the fuck are you even arguing with me if my posts are so "meaningless"?

I think you are a joke really, a "one trick pony" you don't get that, which is cool, but I really don't care much for your little cute ramblings much either pony-boy. Your references and inside jokes are cute, but I could care less about you or your globehopping little inner journeys frankly. And your jokes suck, the ones I get I mean.

The fact that you take the time to insult me from your little ivory tower is endearing, but I would suggest Cho is a better target.

I notice you haven't said so much as a HELLO to him, despite the fact that your little review of his work is a tombstone in the TCJ graveyard.

Whats up with that Milo, I would've thought you and Cho would be better fireworks than David and Groth?

Fuck you if you can't take a joke Milo.