This week Howard Price interviews Stanley Sakai, creator of USAGI YOJIMBO. Over the years Sakai has given us some classic tales, and introduced many readers to funny animal comics that might not have otherwise turned to them. What does he use as background material for Usagiís epic adventures? What projects, both Usagi related and otherwise is he working on? This week thereís only one place to go for that info...

Meanwhile, C.J. Henderson compares and contrasts the BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER that youíve seen, and the uncut bootleg version that you probably havenít. What did the Warner Brothers editing room save you from seeing? What might have motivated the cuts (well, besides a desire to protect children from even more violence than what they were exposed to in the movie that was actually released)? Let the conspiracy theories commence!

ALSO: It's time once again to cast your votes for the Sixth Annual Firecracker Alternative Book Awards! The FABs are one of the only book awards that acknowledge categories like Graphic Novels and Zines as well as Fiction, Non-Fiction, and, uh, Sex.
Anyone can vote and everyone should!

See ya' there! -p