I know your times importent, but why did you buy Eclipse? People can harp on and on about Miracleman, but Eclipse was so much more. You had the DNAgents, Black Terror and Airboy. Many of the other properties that Eclipse published were creator owned (or I think they were) like Scout, ESPers and Tapping the Vein. Then they also did a lot of licenced work like Dirty Pair, Appleseed, James Bond, and the Hobbit. It just doesn't seem worth it. Especially since you've sat on all these charaters except for The Heap, a relatively small supporting character from Airboy which appeared several times in Spawn and got it's own action figure. I know your sitting on several issues of the Terror (formally the Black Terror) and last time I checked Beau Smith said you were waitng for the right time to publish. I really can't wait for this to see the light of day. I loved what Beau did in the BT mini. Then I see something like the Airboy pin up that was done for your Spawn incentive book (of which the name excapes me at the moment) and am glad that nothing ever became of that. I realize that the market isn't what it once was, but to just sit on thee characters is a waste of them. Hopefully some of them will be published once again (please get Chuck Dixon to finish what he started in Airboy 50, it's been almost twelve years).