Ok,i figure that there are alot of people who talk a good game about this when it envolves you know,earth shattering characters that neil gaiman worked on and owns,But belive it or not other creators have been stolen from. jack kirby,Stan lee,gil kane,steve ditko,joe kubert,lein wein,marv wolfman.we will stop there but please feel free to add to the list.
anyway,i was hoping perhaps some who take such a strong stance on this issue would please write a short post to marvel comics editor and cheif Joe Quesada about the injustice that has been done to these and many other creators and demand that ownership or reasonable compensation see there way to the creators still living and the families of the deceased.
please dont attack one anothers post but keep it related to marvel characters.I feel Joe being the stand up guy he is,might honor the request,if enough of you write in.then when can email a copy to him.