Someone once referred to Cory Fuka as a "Wisconsin comics luminary". That's like me! (Well, I've been dicking around in the Wisconsin fandom circuits for the last eight years, but I get the impression Fuka's been doing the same.) Anyway, does anybody have his e-mail address or a way I could contact him? I'm morbidly curious to meet anybody who's been banned from both TCJ AND Are any of his posts still archived on either site? What on earth did he DO?!! Kim Thompson even let Jack Venooker back, for Frith's sake! Fuka, if you're reading this, or are on here under a different name, my hat is off to you. E-mail me at Anybody else--- how do I contact this guy?

"No President or country will ever be able to create 'world peace' as long as people keep fucking each other over."

---Cory J. Fuka, the message board, October 24, 2004.