This week we’ll be keeping "Part the Second" of our two-part interview with Neil Gaiman on the front page. If you haven’t already seen this, do yourself a favor. Gaiman’s writing is some of the most important in comics, and, arguably, in the popular culture of the last decade. Besides insight into how he works and what he’s working on right now, Neil has also given interviewer Howard Price some interesting thoughts on a solution for his ongoing “disagreement” with Todd McFarlane over Miracleman.

Meanwhile, Howard Price updates his report from August about the financially troubled International Museum of Cartoon Art. This addendum is run along with the original article to give you a sense of the status of things in Boca Raton. Howard will continue following this story and bring updates as they become available.

In the store we’re continuing with the “hot anime action” (which isn’t to say that these flicks are stolen or X-rated, but you get my point, I’m sure) with our “Anime-A-rama” sale. Besides AKIRA, you’ll also find GHOST IN THE SHELL, and NEON GENISIS EVANGELION at prices that’ll make your wallet sing... or at least sing louder. Or something.

Oh, yeah, and there’s also Neil Gaiman’s latest hardcover novel, AMERICAN GODS at a scintillating 30% discount.

See ya there! -p
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