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As for full page ads, it would've been cool for the Dini/Ross DC books to be advertised like that. But the advertising like that is best served for TPBs as they can be found outside of comic shops (I believe DC has advertised the Preacher TPBs in SPIN magazine. It wasn't a full page though. It was like 4" x 3" in the record review section.)

that's the point ,they should bring people to comicshops not bookstores.a busy comic shop will do them much better than a small spot in a book store.it's just an idea,i know it's expensive but these are big companies no matter how much they cry about having to charge us more because their not making money.i don't want to here that marvels bankrupt either,so was donald trump,many times but he is still here,they should spend a little money and try and help shops get some business.all the companies should,after all it's their product the comicshops are selling.