Newsday and the New York Daily News might think so. Since September 11, both publications have chosen not to run selected Boondocks strips that dealt with the tragedy.

"There's a certain kind of heavy-duty political commentary that doesn't really belong in the funny pages,” said Daily News editor in chief Edward Kosner.

Clearly, newspaper editors have the right to run whatever comic strips they desire. But the dismissive attitude toward comics implied by the quote above sure does get my hackles up...

Boondocks artist Aaron McGruder appears to take exception to that kind of thinking as well.

"I feel America started moving very quickly in a dangerous direction with the drumbeating and warmongering,” McGruder said. "‘They're evil and we're not' -- that's such a fifth-grade way of looking at conflict. It is the responsibility of any thinking individual with a voice to say whatever they can say within their medium. You can't underestimate the power of one voice.”

The complete Newsday article can be found here: Drawing on the Headlines.
- Nathan