Am I the only one that didn't get their money back from SPX?

Everyone I know that was to be an exhibitor (a few that lurk these panels) got their table money back. Months ago. I haven't. All my emails to SPX have gone unanswered. Their phone number is disconnected.
I was one of the last people to get a table- they kind of snuck me in at the last minute and then, 9-11!

Even when I officially applied to exhibit at SPX there was very little commumincation from their end, and in fact the only confirmation that I had a table was the fact that they cashed my check!

Can ANYBODY here shed any light on this, or give me a contact name (or email that is NOT from their website) to bitch to? Otherwise I'll have to assume that I have secured a table for 2002 (but right now I'd rather have the money back)

-Walter Crane
Sick Mind Press