I think sometimes when you see things like this in print or on the web, you have to take into consideration the reason.

When you see this person(s) name in print or on the web are they promoting the company they work for, characters that they publish, or are they promoting themselves?

In the last year I've found that when I see a particular name show up on a weekly or even daily basis it's usually that they are promoting themselves. Being a shameless self promoter myself I have a feel for this kinda' thing. Kinda' like it take a thief to catch a thief.

So...that's something to think about. There are places for business debates and discussions. In the old days we used to do it at the Distribution meetings (Capital, Diamond, Heroes World, Etc.) Since we don't really have shows on that level anymore I guess a new venue should be thought of. I don't think a consumer's convention is the place to do it. Too much side show effect there.

Let's face facts, this industry of our truly loves to put everything in a "Good vs. Evil" situation.

Just my thoughts.