Jemas' response strikes me as being very possibly more along the "who in the hell cares/why bother?" kind of reasoning. What does he stand to gain of any real value from such a debate?

Is Alessi going to apologize and admit he was wrong about any point Jemas proves to the satisfaction of a neutral panel, or maybe change his companies' business plans based on the outcome?

People will respect Jemas more? Yeah, that and six bucks will get him into a matinee. If he really cared about such things, he wouldn't shoot off at the mouth the way he's famous for.

It's different in cyberspace for other reasons than the "automatic no fistfights rule" - there's also convenience. When you're just going over the stuff in your robe, at your leisure, anytime it strikes you to do so, is a lot different than having to take a special trip for the same debate, espceially if you're the head of a large multi-national concern. I've had plenty of arguments in cyberspace I wouldn't bother going to a special event to conclude either, and definitely not because I'm afraid of the opponent's physical prowess or being trashed.

I DK - I don't like what I've heard from Jeams either, but I have to say I think his response is funny and appropriate. I certainly wouldn't think twice about doing such a thing, and not because I was afraid of any aspect of the affair.

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