The current regime at Marvel does it with condescension, snideness, unprofessionalism and bullie-ish glee.

I used to read Stan Lee's "Bullpen Bulletins", letter page replies, and interviews and feel that Marvel was a place that liked you as a fan. It was one big, friendly, happy place that made you think you were in for a good time at the "House of Ideas" and you were a member of the family.

Even if the behind-the-scenes were a bit more mundane, and not so chummy, at least Marvel used to care enough about fans and retailers, and everyone else to put on the smile and make you feel welcomed.

The new regime... It's a gang of schoolyard bullies who laugh at you and mock you (anyone read the delightful, very adult response Bill Jemas shot off to Mark Alessi in "Wizard"?). They take a "You are with us or against us" stance and speak down, not to, fans, retailers, and other industry people. The jeer, sneer, and scoff.

The message is clear: "We are right, no matter what you say. And if you don't think so, you are an idiot. Now buy our books!!"

They issue responses to provoke. Hey, buds, you succeed at that! Sure, it gets attention. --- The same kind of attention junior gets for crapping his pants intentionally, just so people will make him the topic of discussion. That's pathetic, but it works!

Marvel, the old Marvel, the REAL Marvel, the REAL "House of Ideas" that didn't need to rip-off Vertigo, Chaos, and themselves, were about INCLUSION.

The new Marvel; It's all about EXCLUSION.

I don't feel they want me as a retailer OR a fan. I don't think they care about anyone. It's all about the money and getting attention to make that money, period.

Merry Christmas, Marvel.

Matthew Hawes
Evansville, IN
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