Originally posted by Matt Hawes:
I don't feel they want me as a retailer OR a fan. I don't think they care about anyone. It's all about the money and getting attention to make that money, period.

Merry Christmas, Marvel.


AMEN!! BTW, are you experiencing the same severe drop off on your X-books like we are in Cincinnati? What these idiots don't realize is while they create hype, people read the books, see the recycled plots, see the inconsistant art and shipping dates missed, and QUIT believing the hype and buying the books. I just dropped Uncanny by 35 copies, never thought anyone could do a book THAT bad and run off the X-Zombies!!!! At least Morrison can do an original plot like teasing with Jean and a Phoenix-effect, never seen that in a X-title before. LOL I only had to drop New X-men by 10 copies.