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Yeah, and Stan's STILL doing it with charm, wit, and a sense of belonging - and look at how good his "Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Cr*p" is doing in TODAY's marketplace. Not the marketplace of the long-gone days of the '60s and '70s, but the marketplace of today. So let's go ahead and bring back someone with the same personality as Stan, and hopefully he'll write in the same style as Stan, too...so that modern fans can be bored out of their wits.

It's a new world, and as history shows us, old voices don't always work in a new world. Bottom line is, Bill and Joe, for all their "bullying" and what have you, are selling books. If you want a false, corporate-created sense of charm, wit, and sense of belonging, go read - and sell - Archie Comics.

Man, I'm a jerk.

And Stan Lee sold more with his PR style. --- Sold a LOT more. Explain that. That's what I am referring to, after all. Your point about "Just Imagine" is moot. We are not discussing storytelling. Someone handed you the wrong textbook, pal.

It's not about "old school" vs. "new school." It's about a superior public relation stragedy that helped made Marvel the best selling comic book comapny for decades versus the in-your-face and rude PR style that has Marvel struggling to stay on top without filing Chapter 11.

"DK2" beat all Marvel titles, too, BTW. DC isn't insulting their customers. How'd they do that???

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