Originally posted by Steve Hogan:
Mick Foley?! Has someone been blacking out teeth in my press photos?

Thanks for the support Kevin, but I don't think that Matt would enjoy the Gutters as we don't tend to preface our names with "Smilin'" "Jolly" and the like.

Oh look, Steve's back. I'm sorry, Steve, you are obviously one of those types that like to stir things up and gripe a bunch because you weren't loved enough as a child, huh? Kinda explains why you spend time in "The Gutters." If that gives you validation, go for it.

But, really, Steve, you've made your li'l points. Let me know if you are just going to troll around or if you have anything of substance to add to the thread. It's tedious and boring to turn these posts into sniping contests of one-upmanship. Don't continue your course of predictability. If you don't have anything else of value to add, scamper back to your "Gutters." Thanks, peaches.

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