Originally posted by Matt Hawes:
Oh look, Steve's back. I'm sorry, Steve, you are obviously one of those types that like to stir things up and gripe a bunch because you weren't loved enough as a child, huh? Kinda explains why you spend time in "The Gutters." If that gives you validation, go for it.

LOL. At least I was loved enough that I didn't look to the Marvel Bullpen as surrogate parents or friends!

If stirring things up and griping is so bad, why exactly did you start this thread Matt?

But, really, Steve, you've made your li'l points. Let me know if you are just going to troll around or if you have anything of substance to add to the thread. It's tedious and boring to turn these posts into sniping contests of one-upmanship. Don't continue your course of predictability. If you don't have anything else of value to add, scamper back to your "Gutters." Thanks, peaches.

You're welcome "Dumpling". I guess Bill Jemas could learn from your sweetness and diplomacy...you being so cuddly and even tempered and all.

Maybe Mr. Jemas could stand to tone down the rhetoric a bit, but quite frankly Marvel seems to be making more of an effort to reach out to wider audience. Certainly it's practices are a lot less distasteful than during the hucksterism of the 90's.

I've had disagreements with Kim Thompson over on the TCJ board, but at the end of the day I still buy Fantagraphics titles on the strength of their quality. Maybe the end of the "Marvel Zombie" midset isn't such a bad thing.