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You're welcome "Dumpling". I guess Bill Jemas could learn from your sweetness and diplomacy...you being so cuddly and even tempered and all.

Maybe Mr. Jemas could stand to tone down the rhetoric a bit, but quite frankly Marvel seems to be making more of an effort to reach out to wider audience. Certainly it's practices are a lot less distasteful than during the hucksterism of the 90's.

I've had disagreements with Kim Thompson over on the TCJ board, but at the end of the day I still buy Fantagraphics titles on the strength of their quality. Maybe the end of the "Marvel Zombie" midset isn't such a bad thing.

Hi, Steve.

Thanks, seriously, for responding in a civil manner. I apolgise for my snide remarks, but your first post was used as an oportunity to deride Stan Lee for something that had noting to do with what I was discussing and came off combative, to me.

Creatively, Marvel is branching out. I give kudos to Marvel (Joe Quesada, in particular) for that. But the fashion in which Marvel and Bill Jemas, as its' voice, handle the distribution, printing, public relation and promotion of its' product leaves much to be desired.

I asked this on another board, but can anyone see Walmart, a much, much, more successful business, treating its' business associates as Marvel does retailers that do not agree with their every whim? Would Walmart insult its' competitors so bluntly and childishly in its' press releases and ads? No, because that attitude may garner attention, but it's tacky and unprofessional and causes more ill will and resentment. The fact that I am not alone in this is proof that Marvel is doing something wrong. You have only to read any trade paper of the industry to see the ill will Bill Jemas has attracted. Can anyone see a successful company thrive for long on such unprofessionalism?

As I've already stated, Bill Jemas's approach has yet to increase sales for Marvel to the point of sales when Stan Lee took a more tactful approach.

Why does McDonalds sell BILLIONS of hamburgers? Because of that Ronald McDonald fella you wrote about. That friendly image. It sells. It sells a lot.

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