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And Stan Lee sold more with his PR style. --- Sold a LOT more. Explain that. That's what I am referring to, after all. Your point about "Just Imagine" is moot. We are not discussing storytelling. Someone handed you the wrong textbook, pal.

Yes, Stan sold a lot more books in his day than Joe and Bill have in theirs, but you're not just comparing apples and oranges, but you're comparing them at different stages in the growth cycle. For one, are we talking about how many books sold in his first year of being in charge? To do otherwise would be unfair to Joe and Bill. Secondly, are we just talking about flat number of books, are we taking into account the vastly different-sized marketplaces that Stan and Joe/Bill were dealt? Personally, I don't have time to run all the high-tech statistics that would be required to do a fair comparison of Stan's first year compared to Joe and Bill's, but I'd be interested in seeing the results.

It's not about "old school" vs. "new school." It's about a superior public relation stragedy that helped made Marvel the best selling comic book comapny for decades versus the in-your-face and rude PR style that has Marvel struggling to stay on top without filing Chapter 11.[/QUOTE]

Well, in their first year, Joe and Bill's style has made Marvel the best selling comic book company. For one year, true, but until they've had a full decade to either rise or fall, we won't know if they can go the distance or not. Personally, I think they will. We don't live in the same kind of world that Stan and the Merry Marvel Marching Society enjoyed back in the '60s to '70s. Our society, like it or not, has become faster, meaner, and louder. The fact that popular entertainment has to become that to be successful isn't the fault of pop. ent., it's society's for demanding it.

As far as the Chapter 11 stuff goes, every new Marvel financial report over the past year shows the company getting a firmer and firmer grip on itself, with the publishing arm repeatedly showing the most profit and the highest gains.

"DK2" beat all Marvel titles, too, BTW. DC isn't insulting their customers. How'd they do that???[/QUOTE]

DK2 beat all Marvel titles for one month, (and it didn't beat Origin by much), but most of the other top 20 books were Marvels. And DC did it by getting the creator of one of the best-selling comics ever to do a sequel, and then advertising it heavily through Time-Warner-owned mainstream publications. Which doesn't detract from the book in any way - it's a damn fine read. (Please Note: Cold corporate civility is not charm, wit, and a sense of belonging, either.)

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