Originally posted by Lew Stringer:
Interesting point; compare the literacy and sophistication of many letters in sixties/seventies Marvels to todays dumbass missives.

Ahh, and there's the rub. Compare the literacy and sophistication of ANY letters, articles, etc. in '60s/'70s publications of any sort to "today's dumbass missives," and you'll be astounded at how far literacy levels have dropped in just 30 years. Of course, that couldn't have anything to do with the fact that funding for education has continued to deteriorate every single year since then? (Sure, they raise the number of dollars every now and then, but never enough to keep up with education's "cost of living.") It's not just that subsequent generations of comic fandom got "dumber," it's been happening to our entire country.

How much of a correlation do you think there is between that and the fact that the arguably best-educated generation we every produced, the Baby Boomers, also turned out to be the hardest to control?
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