Iíve given up ranting about Marvel endlessly and being infuriated by their pronouncements. To me, Marvel is the whiny child having a tantrum in the corner wanting attention.

As Iíve stated elsewhere, while Joe Qís remarks for the most part have seemed intelligent and measured, I find Super BJís behavior and personal style distasteful. If anything it only serves to turn me off towards their product.

Besides, it's a matter of dollars. I vote with my wallet. There is very little coming out from Marvel I find myself wanting to read or spend money on. I heard all the lip service about the continuity ďelephant in the roomĒ which was bogging down Marvelís ability to tell a story and gain audience but, if anything, I find the situation exacerbated by the current editorial regime.

Excuse me if I choose to forego subjecting myself to the latest Ulitmate/Max/X-title tripe. Books are way too expensive for me to find it in my heart to support someoneís ill fated attempt at clear storytelling.

Mind you, there are exceptions to every rule and a few of the books I purchase every month are Marvel books. FF and Spider Man have regained some of the quality which was notably absent over the lasts several years. I just donít subscribe to the ultra-cool, hip and cutting edge portrayal Marvel management would like to foist on its readership.