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If you can't handle a bunch of ribbing, then go home back to your playpen.

In his time Stan Lee labeled the competitors as Brand Echh and threw his share of jabs, and I find no difference here, other than names are mentioned.

I hear that J & Q are coming down to Megacon and debate with Mark A....Should be interesting..

I doubt if such a debate comes to pass, but should it happen, I suspect it will have all the substance of a McFarlane vs. David debate....in that it won't be taken seriously.

All Stan Lee did was tease DC with tongue planted in cheek. He didn't refer to his fans as being dateless and living in their parent's basement getting off on "date books." And he didn't insult the retailers that are buying his product.
But, listen, I hear the lot of you that think this is just a case of "new" vs. "old." If that's all you really think this is, I won't be able to convince you otherwise. Silly me, I think good business -- being professional and successful -- relies on treating your business associates (retailers, distributors, etc.) and your regular customers (readers) like they are important or, at the least, not annoying or beneath you. Attacking CrossGen or DC is unprofessional in the manner that Marvel does it, but that's business. Insulting business associates and customers is not --- or, at least, not good business.
But, hey, what does centuries of good business practices compare to Bill J's "in-your-face" snottiness? He's made Marvel sell well for eBay patrons. The other businesses have strived for decades to centuries on treating customers and business associates respectfully (McDonalds, Coke, Sears, etc.).

What do those multi-billion dollar industries know, huh? Nothing compared to the brash, new, hip style of that corporate ladder climber, Bill Jemas.

So, if that's your idea of "new," welcome to it! Don't fuss when you are treated as a nobody whose opinions don't matter, though. The new Marvel, under BJ, cares only about your money, period. And they're flaunting it in your face.

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