Oh wait, you are on of those low IQ retailers Bill J. was talking about.

If you don't like Marvel, go open a gas station, I am sure your suppliers there will give an even bigger shit about your complaints.

Oh and before you quote such paragons of business virtue as McDonalds, go do a little research, Coke engages in back door deals with educational facilities promoting soft drinks to kids, even though its unhealthy for growing children to drink more soda than water, which they are doing.

Or McDonalds? Marvel isn't sending gangbusters into your shop threatening you because you talk about unionizing. Although maybe they should, a few of you retailers really need a good ass whipping, it'll get you out of the store and back into the real world.

>>What do those multi-billion dollar industries know, huh? <<

They know how to fuck you so bad you don't even know it's happening, that's what they know, but instead of opening your eyes you're here bitching because Marvel is trying to have a good time.

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