In my humble opinion Alex Toth is a master at using shadow and light to convey a sense of space and texture. This along with some dynamite storytelling and a mastery at depicting the human body in motion makes him the "Artist's Artist." I doubt whether there's an artist around today 35 or older who hasn't been influenced in some way by Toth whether they are aware of it or not. Toth himself always readily acknowledged that he was influenced by such artists as Noel Sickles, Milt Caniff and Roy Crane among others.

If he has one flaw its his apparent inability over the length of his career to stay in one place for very long in order to make an impact. Other than the BRAVO FOR ADVENTURE and the ZORRO stories its hard to identify Toth with any one character, feature or title. He probably did work for almost every comics publisher from the 40's to the 70's. Of course this doesn't take away from the fact that he always did superior work no matter what he was working on.

I do have one question for any Toth experts out there. What was the genesis of this apparent intense dislike or even hatred between him and the late Gil Kane? I've read several interviews with both men and although they had a grudging respect for each others artistic abilities it was plain to see that they didn't have much use for each other personally. The irony of it is that it was Kane who first refered to Toth as the "Artist's Artist" in an interview.