I read the review of this script. It sounds like total crap.
While i read it i was like "good god.....this could be 100 times worse than Batman and Robin".
This looks like another case of hollywood morons "re-imagining" a comic character because you know....comic creators and comic fans are retards .

Review of the Superman script by JJ Abrams and Jon Peters-


WB officially announces that Brett Ratner(guh....) is directing, is working from the JJ Abrams, Jon Peters script:


and if you don't want to read the whole script review i'll run down what i thought was lame:

1.)Krypton never explodes. Instead Clark is sent to earth because of some kind of "prophecy"
2.)young super clark brutally beats a guy that tries to rape ma kent
3.)Superman's Costume in a can: Clark find a canister, opens it, out comes the superman costume that floats around or something
4.)Lex Luthor is a special agent for the CIA.
5.)Superman Dies
6.)Jor-el senses that superman is dead, kills himself, goes to heaven, talks to supes and convinces Clark that he can't die
7.)Supes digs himself out of his own grave
8.)Apparently Jimmy Olsen is gay......for no reason
9.)Lois and Clark meet for the first time at a kegger
10.)Superman knows Kung fu (aka there are flying kung fu action sequences)
11.)At the end Lex Luthor reveals that he is from krypton.
12.)Final battle= Superman vs. A flying, Superpowered Lex Luthor .
13.) Pa Kent dies
14.) Film ends with supes flying off in a rocket, heading back to krypton for training?

Good Lord.