Don't get me wrong. I love America and everything it stands for....wait...USED to stand for, but the simple fact of the matter is that America has strayed from the moral, civil, and humanitarian foundation inwhich is was built upon.

Over the last several decades since WW2, we've allowed greed and power to corrupt our society and now we are paying and are about to pay a very dear price for our transgressions. Let's face it, we are no longer the "good guy" no matter how we look at it and there's no turning back now.

Being raised in a very religous household, I can't help but reflect on my teachings as a child and wonder if that is in fact the direction inwhich the world as a whole is now heading. I guess if there is a more appropriate time to pray, now is it.
He who has never loved and lost is truely one lucky sum' bitch!