I know this all happened about 15 years ago but I don't recall that Fleischer himself ever issued a statement after the verdict. Nor, to my knowledge, did he appeal it even though the judge found Fleischer libel for all court costs (amounting to 30 thousand dollars). At the time I heard that a lot of people who weren't bothered by the interview in the least nonetheless egged Fleischer on so that they could see Gary Groth get nailed (and it did cost Groth a lot of money in legal fees). One interesting thing which came out of it is that a fund rasier was held for Harlan's legal bills in the form of a roast attended by such lumnaries as Robert Bloch and Robin Williams. I went to it and it was funny but it was poorly staged in the auditorium in that there was only one microphone on the podium so you couldn't hear the comments Robin Williams made all through the proceedings to whatever anyone said, and that surprised me because the event was recorded (audio only, even though I know someone who volunteered to do a professional level videotaping of it for free, but no one ever got back to him).--James Van Hise
James Van Hise