Sorry Brian but while I agree with most of your opinions I'm afraid that you're way off base when it comes to DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK. It may have been Miller's intention to use DK2 as a vehicle for satirizing the conventions of the superhero comic but if so it falls way short of its mark. Kurtzman was always in search of what he refered to as the "truth". Whether it was the truth behind America's wars and military history or the truth behind our own popular culture he saw himself as a searcher of that truth. And thats what gives HK's work a ring of authenticity no matter what the subject matter is. Plus the man was genuine furshslugginer genius at satire, humor and parody which I'm afraid Miller for all of his great ability and talent just isn't. To hopefully make my point I suggest reading (if you haven't already) the "Goodman meets S*perm*n" story from the "Goodman Beaver" collection. Within its thirty or so pages Kurtzman, along with Will Elder, decimates the superhero as both a concept and an icon while giving the reader a truly funny story as well. Its just my opinion.