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Here is the list of top comics in France for 2002 with numbers in brackets (but there is a lot more analysis on the site):

Titeuf Zep (1.400.000) - yes 1 million and 400 thousand copies of this album sold in 2002
Largo Winch Francq & Van Hamme (556.000)
XIII Vance & Van Hamme (500.000) - three (I think) albums published by ComCat in US a long time ago; someone should pick this up for US market
Thorgal Rosinski & Van Hamme (350.000) - Dargaud International published I think 3 and then NBM published one; something was published in Cheval Noir but I am not sure if that was just reprinted in albums or new material
CÚdric Laudec & Cauvin (304.000)

Critically acclaimed European graphic novel "Different Ugliness, Different Madness" in March Previews: