Trinidad and Tobago? That's cool! It also does make your situation a little more difficult, perhaps.

Normally, I would say use eBay, or bag them up and bring them down to your local comics shop. Do you have any comics shops on your islands?

Unfortunately, you should not expect to get very much money. The early 90's was a period when most comics were massively overprinted, so there is a glut on the market for almost everything from then. Maybe some of the stuff you have is the rare exception to that trend, but I wouldn't count on it.

You might try looking up online comics dealers, sending them the list of what you have, and ask what they would pay you for them. If they don't offer enough to make it worth your while, you might just donate them to a children's hospital or school or something, and take the charitable tax write-off (assuming you get that in your country?).

Good luck!