Cerebus.TV Season 2 Episode 25 (#34)

Starting ...all over again!

Every half hour from April 15-22 at 10pm EDT/7pm PDT (April 16 2am GMT)

Dave Sim continues his quest to re-imagine the entire Cerebus 6,000 page storyline ultimately, producing his OWN Ultimate Cerebus!

Also - THE FIRST COMPLETELY NEW CEREBUS STORY - in GLAMOURPUSS #18! Cerebus... in the Age of Madmen

Click here to hear Dave's own words:


Let's jog our memories: Dave redid Cerebus #1 page ONE, shown last year during Season One of the show.

All this week, during Season Two, Dave recreates, before your very eyes, along with his comments as he works - page TWO.

This took a while but Max Southall has edited the highlights of hours of work into our half-hour format!

Cerebus.TV Original Art Auction

After we've all been astonished by Dave's dexterity at camera work with one hand and wielding his Gillott 290 with the other -

Cerebus.TV Auction Guru John Scrudder will be
selling the reimagined page during our weeklong Cerebus.TV Art Auction!

There's so much more - look for a PRINT of the auction piece coming - so tune in to the stream and watch http://Cerebus.TV !!!

Special Convention Interview:


The co-creator of Nexus, brilliant artist and painter Steve Rude, is interviewed by John Scrudder...

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