Hello, Comix World --

... I haven't sold any of my MAD magazine original artwork ...

or, for that matter, much of my UG Comix original artwork ...

Pictures of some of that UG comix art are online at the link below:


No flattering offer ignored ... The art speaks for itself ...

Also available is the eight-page original story "There's A Way" --
although photos of it aren't posted online yet, as it's in laminate
slipcases after its being displayed in 1993's "Comic Power" show
at Exit Art Gallery in NYC, and as a result of that, the art wouldn't
photograph free of glare, although it's also quite well preserved...

...More photos of UG comix work may be posted at that link over time, if
or as we locate more original art while studio reorganization continues...

Years of ostensible neglect may yield a wealth of undiscarded original pencils

-- among other things, my MAD art style eventually included painstakingly
finished pencil versions of jobs, that I'd then lightbox, for a result that was
as super-clean as the studio was cluttered; I still have that "rough" artwork
on hand for several MAD jobs -- perhaps, of possible interest to collectors

-- including one for which I had to re-draw everything in a sloppy-er style,
in accordance with how the art directors had wished to see it drawn in the
first place... awhile later, someone dissed that job at TCJ's message board
for its having been so sloppily drawn -- little did they know. That original
artwork is also available... "Sell it on eBay!" Sam Viviano said to me at that
time -- though I prefer to post about it at comicon.com first, as a unique
experiment in original comic art sales internet format potential. So, there.

The MAD art is going to be photographed and those photos placed online
-- though if you wish to inquire about anything after reading this post, and
you're a genuine collector, you're most welcome to consider doing just that.

... I'm reachable via NYC 411 by telephone, and/or, via email ...
That info is there above for those who know how to interpret it --
I can check private messages at this bulletin board for awhile too.

FWIW we have some art supplies too -- i.e., eight sheets of vintage 3- or 4-ply
Strathmore bristol board from the mid-1980s; as I prefer 2-ply, I could let that
go to an artist who'd really enjoy a small number of pieces of fine vintage
Strathmore board from that era.

There're other items available too from our art collection including a few
originals by other artists -- a Dori Seda story, several Robt Wms pencils,
and a cartoon portrait of me circa 1989 drawn by Robert Crumb... These
artworks aren't offered for sale unless perfect circumstances are present.

If any of the items I have just mentioned may be of interest to you,
feel free to contact us about it; I have yet to list items on eBay,
and I decided to mention these items first here, as described.

Thanks very much for your consideration.